Blair Bitch Project

Hat day at school for me is _______. a) the perfect opportunity to bust out my beret b) the perfect opportunity to seem french with my beret c) the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to my soul sister Blair Waldorf d) all of the above “Quoi?” I like plaid. A lot, as you will probably […]

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Look at me, trying so hard to seem like a fashion blogger.  Annnd I couldn’t hold back smiling in spite of my foolish attempts at being stylish.  *Insert intense and deep quote that I got from Tumblr*  I decided to wear something really comfortable today. I also figured that in order to seem blogger-lke I […]

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Welcome to a New Journey.

           Hi there. I’m Sarah. I just started this blog this morning, so I could 1. Share my love for fashion, literature, and other cultures2. Try to practice my French skills3. Show off my awesome photography and glorious writing skills4. Stun you all with my stunning sarcasm and stunning self  ( […]

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