Got That Teen Angst.


                     The sun was in my eyes. I promise I’m not mean- I smiled in the second picture! 
Here are some shots my brother (my personal photographer, he’s so nice to me:) graciously snapped of me today. 
“I’m thinking that I’m going to keep staring off into the distance. Do I seem chic yet?”

Maybe if I wear my jacket like a cape I’ll seem more stylish.

I felt like wearing my signature color, blue. It might seem very hipster-y of me to say this ( I am aware of my hipster tendencies), but I wear head to toe blue a lot. Today, my school asked us to wear blue to show school spirit, and most of my friends wore school shirts. My interpretation of school spirit? Wearing the school colors (blue and white) instead. I slapped on my trusty H&M slim-fit trousers, my oxfords that remind me of my menswear style roots, and my prized Gap jacket, probably the only jacket that has ever fit me so well. 
Hope no one is suffering some terrifying bouts of candy hangover. OHH. Fun fact, while I was trying to get my hair normal for these pictures, there was a loud creaking noise near a bush behind my brother. When we went to search for the cause of the noise, we were both shocked to see that nothing was there. Walking back to where we were before, we heard the noise again, but it seemed more human-like this time, an unsettling wail that made my brother and I run back inside after only five pictures and without looking at them. There. That is probably the only actually creepy thing that has ever happened to me. Quite fitting that it happened on Halloween. 
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Time to start counting down to Thanksgiving break!! 

Blair Bitch Project

Hat day at school for me is _______.

a) the perfect opportunity to bust out my beret
b) the perfect opportunity to seem french with my beret
c) the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to my soul sister Blair Waldorf
d) all of the above

I like plaid. A lot, as you will probably note as my blog progresses. 

Do I look French yet? 
Correct Answer:
{it was all of the above} 

Thanks for reading! 


Look at me, trying so hard to seem like a fashion blogger. 
Annnd I couldn’t hold back smiling in spite of my foolish attempts at being stylish. 

*Insert intense and deep quote that I got from Tumblr* 

I decided to wear something really comfortable today. I also figured that in order to seem blogger-lke I would not look directly at the camera. I opted for the dramatic gaze off into the not-so-far into the distance. Happy Tuesday!  

Chambray: Gap
Tank underneath: AE
Pants: H&M
Sneakers: Vans

Welcome to a New Journey.

           Hi there. I’m Sarah. I just started this blog this morning, so I could

1. Share my love for fashion, literature, and other cultures
2. Try to practice my French skills
3. Show off my awesome photography and glorious writing skills
4. Stun you all with my stunning sarcasm and stunning self  ( I cringe as I type this)

          No but seriously, thanks for stopping by. I am a senior in high-school who is dying to do a million things at once, and in a frenzied moment of little thought made a YouTube channel.

Let me tell you, YouTube quickly takes over your life. As a student who also foolishly took too many advanced classes to handle, YouTube was not my best idea. Sooo I took to Blogger because I feel that I express myself way better in writing than I do onscreen. Also, while vlogging seems awesome, I feel that writing my thoughts out keeps me sane, and can be done anywhere.

In conclusion, I hope you guys stick around- I would love to make some friends on Blogger- and make yourselves at home.

                       merci, et à bientôt