Change in the Weather.

I think I’ve made my point that printed pants are my thing. Plus plaid is plaid is plaid is joy.  Leggings- Aero (first time going in since five years ago 🙂Sweater- GapBooties- Aldo Yes!! My hair did change; you aren’t hallucinating. Okay, I feel like the back story is needed in order for my hair’s symbolic […]

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Is Cold A Thing Now?

Fall raking struggles…featuring my new favorite flats. HEAR YE HEAR YE IT IS FINALLY COLD ERMAGHERD.   I don’t think there are words that could articulate my happiness at this glorious weather. When I stepped outside to take these pictures with my brother, we were both pleasantly surprised. Finally, no one will judge me when I […]

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One Final Glimpse

This week felt eternal for me. Luckily, my parents have begun their holiday shopping, and I get to tag along. On one side, I got to hold the ALEXANDER WANG X HM COLLECTION in my hands…lsjdf Oops, I flailed around like a crazed fangirl and accidentally smacked the keyboard. I also began my holiday baking […]

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Glorious Hair for Lazy People

I have been considering chopping my hair for the longest time now, and the more times I see the trailer for Love, Rosie the more I want to cut my hair into a short, blunt bob like Lily *cough- glorious-cough* Collins. It reminds me of Marion Cotillard and French sixties mod style. Plus ( the most […]

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Counting Down.

Today I paraded off to school in a fall-like outfit, trying to embody the excitement that comes from fallen leaves on florescent grass, and steaming apple cider (or tea in my case). Now looking at these pictures of me, I resemble a pumpkin patch…the brown pumpkins that are threatening to rot if not carved or […]

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