Is Cold A Thing Now?

Fall raking struggles…featuring my new favorite flats.
 I don’t think there are words that could articulate my happiness at this glorious weather. When I stepped outside to take these pictures with my brother, we were both pleasantly surprised. Finally, no one will judge me when I wear a fuzzy chunky sweater with boots and sip hot apple cider! Now, I can actually read a book in the coziness indoors and blame it on the cold! 
Just kidding, I love the cold. 
In case you missed my (on trend) burgundy stiletto shaped nails. Cue the cliche fall picture:)

My ponytail was in the way. Duh.
I actually shivered as I took these photos. This morning, I ditched the jacket- I serously doubted that the temperature would drop below sixty, so I went off in my Gap flats, burgundy pants that have been on shameless repeat, and my old Abercrombie shirt that I really don’t wear too often because it is chunky and really does not drape well. 
Anyway, thanks for reading! *raises teacup*

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