Change in the Weather.

I think I’ve made my point that printed pants are my thing. Plus plaid is plaid is plaid is joy.ย 

Leggings- Aero (first time going in since five years ago ๐Ÿ™‚
Sweater- Gap
Booties- Aldo

Yes!! My hair didย change; you aren’t hallucinating. Okay, I feel like the back story is needed in order for my hair’s symbolic meaning (*insert air quotes and dramatic sigh*) to be understood fully.

Lets take it back a few years to ninth grade.

It was time for a drastic change. I had wanted a bob ever since I had come across Faye Dunaway in the trailer for Bonnie and Clyde. I told my mom about my idea, and she immediately shot it down, telling me that my hair would not be manageable at that length. Deep down, I knew she was right- I couldn’t handle a straightener, for crying out loud- so I vowed aloud ( no assonance intended) to do so. I chickened out the moment I told the hairdresser what I wanted, so I quietly took a strange lob/mid-length hybrid- thing. And I hated it, but had no guts to say anything, so I patiently grew it out. Then I became a seniorย and I saw Lily Collins chop her hair to a lob and then a bob. And then I saw a few cuts around school and people saying that they were doing it either because
a) senior year / cuz yolo
b) odds are we would never see them again
c) purely coincidental that they got the cut in senior year
d) etc etc etc….
….So I finally figured -what the heck?- and got a bob. And may or may not have skipped around like a child.

Lesson learned?
Just. Get. The. Blessed. Haircut. Already. ย Just kidding, its YOLO. But seriously.ย 

Don’t mind me, I’ll just giggle in my turtleneck.ย 


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