Blisters Ruin Everything.

So school starts in less than one month for me now. But not just any school. I mean C.O.L.L.E.G.E. Which is a huge deal. And I think now more than ever I am wishing I could go back to traveling, where it felt as if I were escaping the future and ‘adulthood’ in a way. And now, I feel like I’m clawing the ground like a frightened cat when the time for a bath comes. But anyway, I guess I’ll figure it out eventually. On a lighter note, I’ve started to try to pin down my personal sense of style. But more on that later. And I also have been trying to eat healthier, though I have to say my mom already had my family eating clean for a long time now.

But back to personal style, I got new shoes whilst in Victoria, and they are my souvenir, even though nothing about them screams OH CANADA!!!- I love them to bits and I plan on wearing them out to bits as well. 

Note to self: buy band-aids. These photos were taken more than five days ago and I am sitting here with blister scars on my feet, which are unfortunately a new addition to my collection of blister scars, courtesy of my longtime penchant for uncomfortable shoes.

Top: H&M
Trousers: American Eagle
Shoes: Call It Spring
Bracelet/Earrings: Gifts
Thanks for reading! xx

 P.S. Stay tuned for more posts about me ruminating over my summer trip! 🙂


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