“One of these mornings you’re gonna rise,

rise up singing.

 You’re gonna spread your wings,child, and take, take to the sky,
Lord, the sky.” 
– Janis Joplin, “Summertime”

and you thought I was going to smile again… made you look.
this was surprisingly not itchy, and it smelled good in the grass too.
Hat: a street vendor in Colombia
Sunglasses:  gifted
Shirt/Shorts: A&F
Flip-flops: AE
the only source of shade out back.

 Hi everyone! Sorry about the brief delay in posts! I was doing some collegy stuff and collegy things in the middle of nowhere, where I was denied the following:

a) solid internet service
b) vegan food ;(
c) reliable and constant air-conditioning

But, being the little trooper that I am *sheepish smile*, I made do with it, and actually enjoyed myself bountifully. See my souvenir? No? Scroll up to that last picture- its my anklet which, ahem, I made myself. I think it adds a bit to my outfit here, that has little to no color today, unless you look at the minute details. 

This blog, besides being a visual reminder of my style evolution, is also a place for me to remember dumb little things,or inspiration, or other miscellaneous items. Woohoo for the random and the odd! Today, my mother called me a hippie. I don’t know what made her say it, the hat? The anklet? The flip-flops? The lack of styled hair? The vegan-ness? Or it might just be the fact that I tried to meditate once with a rock (don’t ask).  

You decide, and thanks for reading!

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