the Sun also Sets Quickly.

Days until I leave for college: 5 (!!!)

I returned to Kemah Boardwalk for the first time since 2010.  I was thirteen then, which added to the nostalgia and my growing awareness of just how old I really am. I realized that my parents don’t always remember to bring a camera along so we can look back on what we did, so I did! I’m not sure how I looked with both a cross-body bag and a camera bag crisscrossing over my outfit…oh well! 
At first it was all nice and light and full of late afternoon laziness…
When we got there, we had just been cooped up in a car for two and a half hours, so we walked around a bit to liven up our legs, and if you were me, you hobbled about to pop your knees. After a bit, we stopped trying to ignore the fact that we were all secretly starving even though we had eaten pretty recently. We popped into the Flying Dutchman (I promise its real, I’m not referencing Spongebob), and we stared at the sunset. It was so nice, that I didn’t even take pictures, preferring to just stare at it. And then stuff my face later with food. 
Everyone runs away the moment I pull out a camera…fine…I see how it is…

And the sun set between the time we sat down to eat and the time we decided to pull out the camera…

 And then my brother took over the camera and asked me to pose– just kidding, he wanted to take a picture of the ocean behind me, and I was in the frame, so he told me to smile anyway.

The picture minus mom equals me, probably not smiling. See? She was necessary.

 My mom didn’t want the pictures to miss out on her presence. It was totally understandable. 

I called him Kemah Kat. He does’t actually answer to it, though, surprisingly. 

 I SAW A CAT. We spotted three around all of the boardwalk, actually, but this was the closest the cat ever came to me. I tried to make it come closer by staring at it without blinking, but it sadly didn’t work, and my contacts got dry and burned, so that was clearly was not one of my stellar ideas.

Even typing this post I’m laughing at this picture, because that is my face when I’m not in resting bitch face. 

This is what I got in return from my brother after I asked at least thirty times for a picture that I quote “won’t make me look lazy, tired, gross, or anything else with a negative connotation.” (“I run a blog, you know, Nick. I have to look decent.”) I’m still trying to check off at least one of those requirements, but I got kick out of this picture anyways.

Why can’t this pole just not exist?! I like everything else about the picture!!!?!!!
Oh, my top is Stradivarius,my shorts are by Gap, my bag is from fossil, my flip-flops are from AE, and my earrings are Colombian. 

My brother and I got on the ferris wheel- my favorite because I like the views- and we got our own gondola, and my parents got the next one, so every seven seconds, they floated past and waved at us. By now, it was pretty late though, so we really just saw the distant scattered lights on the bay, a relaxing view regardless.

An imposing structure built to scare and torment me. 

Fun fact: I’m terrified of rides that try to scare you by using speed and height. But I was also feeling excited after going on another ride that’s not pictured here called the Aviator, and that one happens to go pretty high for me, so I made another nonsensical decision and promised my mom I would go on this ride picture above called the Pharaoh’s Fury. I don’t really feel obligated to tell you if I carried out that promise.

The gondola on the far right- my parents were in there! 
For the memories and nostalgia of being surrounded by hundreds of people I don’t know, and the funnel cake people would trail on the ground, and the soda left everywhere, and the constant smell of sweat, not sea salt, I’ll say I had fun. No, really though, I had fun. 
Just a friendly tip, though; don’t wear dangly earrings when its windy out. Don’t ask. 
Courtesy of yours truly. 
Thanks for reading!!!
P.S. I didn’t go on it. She thinks I’ll make it up to her “next time”. *laughs nervously*

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