This is actually my new favorite picture of me ever. My last favorite picture was taken almost 7 years ago. 

Today was a good day.
No, seriously. Contrary to how I appear to feel, I was pretty calm all day. You know those days when you stay in and listen to Fleetwood Mac and drink tea and relax? Yeah, today was like that, and it was rainy. I absolutely adore rain…that’s also why you see I’m indoors today. But anyway, I’ve noticed many people don’t find rain so nice- “humid and depressing” is the average response I get. After Nick (my bro-tographer; my brother/photographer) showed me the pictures he took, he left in a rush, so I couldn’t complain about how angry I looked and ask for a do-over. But after sixty seconds of thought (actually Nick said he wouldn’t take more pictures of me, so did I really have a choice?), I realized I rather liked how I looked. Honestly, I appear this way most of the time and do normally have a bit of a darker disposition, so I felt that today would be that moody post where I just go all out and just be myself, regardless of how boring I appear. On a lighter note, I finally got part of my hair to work in a bun! Let’s just savor this moment, Sarah. This moment will probably not repeat itself for a long time. And rompers. They are the truest element of my style. Rompers are the key to being cute and effortless and mostly the key to looking put together and style savvy. Keep in mind though, they will be your enemy when you make the mistake of drinking too much water. Try unbuttoning them in a hurry and see how efficient you are at it.

I literally said “Wait, isn’t it dark in here?” before Nick took this.
Just casually cowering in fear after hearing thunder.
Stay moody, and have a nice Thursday! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Stormy.

  1. Okay second time around bc wifi hates me???

    SOOOOOO HI SARAH I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. My first comment was better tbh but like I said it disappeared. SO. I love these pics of you! So moody and high fashion it's totally you! You're bro done did a good job!



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