The Ideal Uniform.

Hi everyone! I actually wore this outfit yesterday, but I never got around to posting it, so here I am, blogging when I should be studying…
The sun was still out a few seconds before I got into the car, so I dragged Nick over to take a picture. When I say I dragged him, I mean I got him to hold onto the camera strap and I dragged him along, reminding him of all the I-O-Us that he has promised me in the past two weeks. 
Also, the weather is changing!!! It was actually cold- is it meteorologically correct to say cold? Or can I argue that cold is relative to everyone and that to me it was chilly…
Note to self: I need to stop using ellipses, I’m not making myself sound mysterious and alluring, I sound like I fear commitment with finite sentences. 

I digress. It was cold (to me!), so I finally busted out my denim jacket again. 
*Concentrates on flies near face* And what is up with my legs.
What’s so great about jumpsuits is the fact that you can just pop it on and not have to care about matching a top with pants. Also, you wouldn’t know this unless you had been there, but this jumpsuit was what I wore to my graduation a few months ago. That’s also why I got this jumpsuit; if one of the many joys of fall fashion is layering, why not challenge myself to remix my summer and personal style staples (aka jumpsuits/rompers)?

The best way to appear taller in outfits: tilt the camera back, something I keep forgetting to ask my brother to do.

Jacket: Gap
Jumpsuit: AE
Sandals: Aldo
Bag: Fossil
I wasn’t actually planning on wearing wedges, but I forgot to bring more shoes home, so I found these in my closet and figured it matched. I’m actually really pleased with how this look came out! I look most like myself.  If there were ever a piece of clothing that could represent me, it would be a jumpsuit. Maybe the seventies music I listen to just translated to jumpsuits-?
Thanks for reading! 
P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow on this test! *cringes*

Napa Flats! || Food Post

This weekend my parents visited me, so we once more set out to find lunch, as we were all hungry (we hadn’t eaten since eight in the morning, and it was two around this time). A quick search online led me to Napa Flats, an Italian fusion type restaurant.

The faux candle really set the atmosphere, haha.

Lucky for me, the calamari had vegetables in it, perfect for me! I shared the zucchini with my mom and hogged the marinara sauce at the top left. 
I asked for a ‘small side salad’. This could have been my meal, but since I was very hungry (borderline hangry), I actually ate all of it, except for the croutons. 
And then the food came, which is when the actual party started.
My dad got the 
My brother likes to make up for all the meat I don’t eat, so he predictably chose the pizza called “Carnivore”.
And I got the Veggie Delight Pizza without ricotta cheese on it, though they still put a thin layer of mozzarella on my pizza. I ate it anyway, and then felt bad(physically and emotionally), since this was the first time I’ve cheese in almost two months and a half now. 
Am I really the only person who likes crusts?

Anyway, it was a great time! And if you’re in the College Station area, its a great place to avoid barbecue, which for a vegan (I swear I’m being good about it), is like going without food.

Thanks for reading!! xx

Where Were You? | Storytime

Hi guys! Here is a short story that I wrote randomly, while spinning around in my chair at my desk, and staring into the ceiling, and listening to random indie music that I don’t recognize. I would really, really, really appreciate any feedback. This was really hard to publish, especially because I like to see writers on tumblr who pour their hearts out eloquently and here I am, still spelling words like ‘rhythm’ wrong (I spell checked that a few times and still misplaced the stupid y). 
Maybe I’ll post these here instead of keep them away in random notebooks. 
This was based loosely on memories I have. But no, this never happened. I just took memories and ran with them. 
Thanks so much for reading! xx

Coming Soon…

Hi guys! I’m going to introduce a new segment on the blog, which I would like to call “Storytime”.

It is very straightforward; I believe some context is required here. Let’s go a long way back, when I was in elementary school. My best friend Jordan and I were talking, and though the conversation itself is fuzzy now (I feel old, haha), I do remember that I mentioned writing a short story, and she jumped on board and volunteered to read it. The story itself was my first solo writing venture, the first time I wrote something without a specific prompt from a teacher, and even though the story itself lacked skill and interest (maybe I’ll talk about it one day, if someone reminds me, haha), I kept on writing short pieces and passing them on to her to read. Even now, I still write things, and if they are grammatically correct, I’ll pass them on to her. Yesterday, she requested that I write again, and that I post it here, and also on Wattpad, a website for aspiring writers. While I try to find where I put my password to log into Wattpad, I’ll start sharing some stories with you guys, if that’s okay.

But don’t fear guys! The fashion content is still here. That’s been a part of me since I was six, so that will never change;). 
The stories/writing paraphernalia will be labeled like this post, and tagged as ‘Storytime’.

They’ll be better than this. Promise.
Thanks, guys! xx

Corner Bakery Chit Chat || Food Post

On a Friday a few weeks ago, my dad invited us to lunch- and by us, I mean my mom and my brother and moi. We had planned on going to the new Corner Bakery near us, and we excited pulled into the parking lot when I had a face-palm moment.

I didn’t check the menu to see if it had anything I could order vegan style. 

With this in mind, I stalled a while during our wait in line trying to figure out what I could order. And then I dropped the menu and saw the salads. Salads are a safe bet for me most of the time, so I took that route and ordered the hummus and veggies, southwestern avocado salad, and tabbouleh *insert flashback of me doing a victory dance at the restaurant* . 
My family always notices that I tend to take a lot of pictures of food- still not ashamed! 😀 – and they pushed their plates at me too, finally jumping on the foodie bandwagon. 
I ate this massive salad sampler as mentioned above. As a vegan who struggles to eat out, this was the jackpot. And it was a lot of food. And I like food. The tabbouleh is next to the cucumber, and the avocado is the southwestern salad, and the hummus is pretty obvious, and some greens with olive oil. 

My brother Nick thinks that by ordering a salad he is healthier, so he ordered the Chicken Carbonara with a side of Caesar. Yeah, that chunk on the plate of pasta is bread.

My mom, ever the health nut, chose the D.C chicken salad, switching the cheese for mozzarella.

And my dad followed through with his consistent and foolproof order; a sandwich and a soup. He chose a bowl of chili and half of a chicken pomodori sandwich.
We ate a lot. More importantly, they have vegan options! And I didn’t have to explain that I need a vegan friendly mean to the lady at the register! So it was really a win-win-win-win situation. As always, thanks for reading! 

C’est La Vie

I was at home this weekend, and I had a lot of homework to catch up on, so I wore a pretty basic outfit. You can tell I was doing homework by my bun/ponytail hybrid. Here’s to hoping these shorts can come out again before autumn starts! Up until now, I have avoided wearing anything remotely ‘cute’ while at college- I’m an incredibly messy eater, so I have labeled all of my white bottoms ‘off-limits’ until I feel like I will be able to control the weather, food, and drinks in a ten foot radius around me.

On another note, since this blog is primarily for me to remember certain things that happen to me that I feel

  1. are important
  2. were funny and will probably make me laugh forever
  3. are inspiring
  4. are surprising

…And so, I feel the need to share a story so you all can find some solace in someone else’s sad/funny sorry.

It was a hot and humid Thursday afternoon. There were, admittedly, some clouds in the sky, and the weather in the area had been for the most part rainy and stormy. Nevertheless, stubborn Sarah wanted to do some exercise that day. So off she went to eat lunch, and then to class. When she left her classroom, she noted the increase in clouds, so she ducked into another building, figuring that she would stay dry inside while the storm subsided. After almost an hour, she decided that the rain was much slower than she had expected, and so she supposed she would simply bike back to her apartment faster and get (at most) a few drops on her. Fast forward to halfway home. The clouds parted, and buckets of water decided to fall. Realizing that she was going to get wet no matter what, Sarah tried to bike faster. She saw one corner stood between her and the straight road that would lead her straight home. Upon turning the corner, the bike slid in a puddle. Attempting to brake, Sarah leaned slightly over onto her left side, and she felt her stomach drop. She was very well aware of what was about to happen. She stuck her leg out and bent it and squatted unevenly and dug her hip into the concrete. She was on her side, her bike jammed into her right shin, and her flip flop a few feet away, the stupid slippery thing. Angrily, Sarah got back on her bike, and started pedaling again, reminding herself that no one saw, she was fine. She was drenched now, and sore in a few places, but she was fine. Somewhere behind her, tires squeaked and there was the noise of water splashing about. Oh NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Sarah turned ever so slightly. Right behind her, in the same lane as her, the bus going back to her apartment stood, full to the brim with fellow students. Now furious and embarrassed and getting cold from the water in her clothes, Sarah pedaled harder- and within a matter of minutes, she was angrily locking her bike in its spot,and then squishing her way, step by step up the flight of stairs into her apartment, where she sat shivering for hours, her teeth chattering with anger over her unfortunate bike ride home, and her lack of sound decision making. 

If you guys ever have a bad or embarrassing moment, just know its okay, and that tomorrow will be better.   

That blogger pose where you crouch and look away because you’re self concious of your under-eye bags. 

“I wasn’t ready yet, I was trying to stretch.”
“Wait, I can’t see with the light in my eyes-“
If you cared to see what I was wearing without the shadows…

Top: Gap//Shorts: Lauren Conrad//Sandals: Ivanka Trump//Jewelry: bought in Colombia

Thanks for reading!! xx

Grabbing Grub with the Family || Food Post

As you guys know, I was back at home over the weekend, skipping. 
I was, admittedly, a little sad on Sunday morning, because I knew that I would soon be without my parents, and my little brother *cough cough* slash ‘brotographer’ (that’s brother + photographer for all you newbies:), so my parents invited me to eat lunch with them instead of eat alone in my dorm. And as a broke college kid who was homesick and starving, I wasn’t about to refuse. 
So a quick browse on Yelp jogged my memory of a new-ish place in City Centre Houston called ‘Grub,’ that specializes in burgers. Keeping in mind that my brother is obsessed with burgers, I pointed it out to everyone. Lucky are we that this place is pretty new in College Station! 
This Hibiscus tea is really growing on me, but I recommend splashing some Mango tea in there too.  Just sayin’. Also, the drinks were on the house, so I took full advantage of that. 
Just an artsy picture of the dessert/shake menu.  Grub, you should make them dairy free for me. 
While we waited for our food, we all bonded over our joint dislike of ninety plus degree weather. 
My dad got the ‘Texas Luau’ burger, with a bowl of chili, because he loves chili with an ardent passion.

My mom, true to her health nut ways, ordered the ‘Napa’ salad, and then swiftly moved some of the cheese over to make sure the lettuce was there. 
Nick didn’t even hesitate to get the ‘Lockhart Legend’ (bacon,  Dr Pepper barbecue sauce…the works), and thats why this picture is strangely off center- he pushed me off so he could stuff it into his face.
And there’s my ‘Hippie Chickpea’ burger! It had an eggplant/chickpea burger, and I scooped the goat cheese off. I got a side of Tabbouleh as well, which was awesome with the bread that fell out of my hands, because I’m a messy eater. 
Its so nice to eat huge burgers messily in public. And I didn’t have to eat a salad! Woohoo! 
Thanks for reading! xx