Grabbing Grub with the Family || Food Post

As you guys know, I was back at home over the weekend, skipping. 
I was, admittedly, a little sad on Sunday morning, because I knew that I would soon be without my parents, and my little brother *cough cough* slash ‘brotographer’ (that’s brother + photographer for all you newbies:), so my parents invited me to eat lunch with them instead of eat alone in my dorm. And as a broke college kid who was homesick and starving, I wasn’t about to refuse. 
So a quick browse on Yelp jogged my memory of a new-ish place in City Centre Houston called ‘Grub,’ that specializes in burgers. Keeping in mind that my brother is obsessed with burgers, I pointed it out to everyone. Lucky are we that this place is pretty new in College Station! 
This Hibiscus tea is really growing on me, but I recommend splashing some Mango tea in there too.  Just sayin’. Also, the drinks were on the house, so I took full advantage of that. 
Just an artsy picture of the dessert/shake menu.  Grub, you should make them dairy free for me. 
While we waited for our food, we all bonded over our joint dislike of ninety plus degree weather. 
My dad got the ‘Texas Luau’ burger, with a bowl of chili, because he loves chili with an ardent passion.

My mom, true to her health nut ways, ordered the ‘Napa’ salad, and then swiftly moved some of the cheese over to make sure the lettuce was there. 
Nick didn’t even hesitate to get the ‘Lockhart Legend’ (bacon,  Dr Pepper barbecue sauce…the works), and thats why this picture is strangely off center- he pushed me off so he could stuff it into his face.
And there’s my ‘Hippie Chickpea’ burger! It had an eggplant/chickpea burger, and I scooped the goat cheese off. I got a side of Tabbouleh as well, which was awesome with the bread that fell out of my hands, because I’m a messy eater. 
Its so nice to eat huge burgers messily in public. And I didn’t have to eat a salad! Woohoo! 
Thanks for reading! xx

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