Coming Soon…

Hi guys! I’m going to introduce a new segment on the blog, which I would like to call “Storytime”.

It is very straightforward; I believe some context is required here. Let’s go a long way back, when I was in elementary school. My best friend Jordan and I were talking, and though the conversation itself is fuzzy now (I feel old, haha), I do remember that I mentioned writing a short story, and she jumped on board and volunteered to read it. The story itself was my first solo writing venture, the first time I wrote something without a specific prompt from a teacher, and even though the story itself lacked skill and interest (maybe I’ll talk about it one day, if someone reminds me, haha), I kept on writing short pieces and passing them on to her to read. Even now, I still write things, and if they are grammatically correct, I’ll pass them on to her. Yesterday, she requested that I write again, and that I post it here, and also on Wattpad, a website for aspiring writers. While I try to find where I put my password to log into Wattpad, I’ll start sharing some stories with you guys, if that’s okay.

But don’t fear guys! The fashion content is still here. That’s been a part of me since I was six, so that will never change;). 
The stories/writing paraphernalia will be labeled like this post, and tagged as ‘Storytime’.

They’ll be better than this. Promise.
Thanks, guys! xx

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Oh my gosh HAHAH. I would have to drag that notebook from under my bed or something its written in some old notebook. I think in embarrassment at how bad it was I threw it out. But remind me later if you still want me to post what I remember of the story!


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