Return of the Dynamic Duo

Today I finally reunited with my best friend and partner in crime Jordan! You most likely remember her from my favorite post ever when we trekked about Houston.

We were very original and went to Starbucks and talked about everything. I’ll spare everyone the details because we somehow found a way to go from our hair growth (or in my case, lack thereof) to our roommates to my veganism to her future goals in life.

Here we are for your enjoyment, in our sweaters. I admittedly take a selfie every time we hang out.

Call us sweater queens. 

I got a tea lemonade, because I wanted to feel actual cold. And she got a chai tea latte.

Clearly, you will see her again soon, since we plan on hanging out as much as we normally did in high school. I can’t really say how happy I was to see her besides just clapping my hands and saying “EEEEEEP MEEEP EEEP MEEP.” 

Also, if you care to know, my turtleneck is my one and only thrift find, also doubling as my halloween costume from a while back, when I was a Beatnik from Montmartre. 

See you all soon! 

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