Put a Beanie on, Wear Black, and Suck it Up.

If I were to pinpoint my usual style, it would be something along the lines of “Pared down classic peppered with European touches,” or “Serena Van der Woodsen’s long lost sibling from Montmatre” or something equally pretentious. Or maybe even “Feminist/vegan who avoids wearing bras at all costs”…
Anyway, I like to think that my ideal outfits consist of hats, jackets that I layer with a bunch of stuff, and tight pants, and cool shoes that are comfortable but don’t look like it. The hat is NEVER a beanie, though. I normally fear and avoid beanies like the plague. I’ve just seen too many fails at wearing beanies, and I didn’t want to parade around thinking I looked like Cara Delevingne when I actually looked like a sock puppet.
Today, my hair just wasn’t feeling it. It wouldn’t let me tame it in a ponytail, and my attempts at cramming it into a bun failed miserably. Now, I have a weakness for berets, so I rummaged around for mine, annnd failed as well. And then I saw this gray beanie that I hadn’t touched in almost two years. I was in a rush to leave the house, so this would have to do. I consoled myself in the car mentally, repeating the same thing over and over until it became a mantra: No one I know will see me like this No one I know will see me like this- I don’t look like a sock puppet, I don’t look like a sock puppet…
All jokes aside, I honestly hesitated before pulling the hat over my head, and it made me sad to think that I was letting fear let me from even putting the hat on before. I had never before gotten a good look at myself in a beanie, or even keeping one on for a long enough time to make sure I even put it on correctly.
I was so excited, I asked my sister to take a picture of me.
Lately I’ve been losing all interest in wearing color. Its just easier to wear dark colors- I don’t have the mind to consider what matches and what doesn’t!
Outfit Details:
Beanie: Gap/Moto: AE/Top:Kohls/Leggings:VS Pink/Booties: Aldo
That blogger pose where you crouch and try to look cool even though you’re crouching for no real reason.


When you want to be a skinny blogger but you’re too hungry to make it through the pictures.

My mom took the last picture. Her justification was that people should see realistic images, like bloggers eating instead of posing unrealistically( ahem, notice my earlier crouching picture).

I’d also like to reassure everyone by saying those almonds are vegan, and no, I’m not sponsored.

‘Til next time!


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