Monochrome Musings.

You think this looks deep. but I’m staring at a huge disgusting bug inches from me (not pictured).


I’m posting this one because I thought my face was too funny to forget. I swear I’m not biting my lip. I’m actually trying to scratch my neck.


I’ve been holding back on this post- and I’ve pinpointed why. {Enter my bizarre logic} If I post this, this will be one post closer to my return to school for this semester. I never thought I would say this, but having four whole weeks to do nothing ended up increasing my laziness by 10000%, and to be honest, I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about returning. I read somewhere that most people either love or hate college, and that there is rarely anything in between. I’d like to say I’m in the apparently nonexistent grey area, but I guess my response will vary depending on the time of day.

Maybe its my stomach already missing home cooked food…

Anyway. I figured I’d post something, even if it wasn’t actually taken today. These photos are from about four days ago, when I was completely zoned out and literally pulled out things at random from my closet. I almost chose my black jacket, but then I felt that would have made the overall look too dressy for me. I never considered how easy it was to choose outfits when your pieces on hand are monochrome. I also hadn’t realized how difficult it was to hug people with this hat on until I accidentally poked several eyes.

I’m beginning to wonder why I ever bother trying to match colorful items in my closet.

Also, a friendly tip: when in doubt about the appropriateness of your hair, I definitely recommend a hat. I think I may be the only person who doesn’t mind hat hair.

Thanks for reading!





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