What is SHE Wearing?!? | A rant

This utilitarian jacket has seen everything at this point. If anything were to happen to it *knocks on wood until knuckles bruise* I would renounce wearing jackets ever again. 
This picture either belongs in my junior high yearbook, or in my political campaign.          Clearly the latter will never exist.   


Since I’ll be going back up to uni soon for another semester, I’ve been trying to wear my boots as much as possible without overdoing it. If I think about it though, I’m not scared of being that overdressed person at events. I’ve lost my fear of being looked at for wearing certain things. I used to be terribly uncomfortable in the presence of others. Something about people asking judgmental and tricky biased questions (ex: “Aren’t those the same shoes that tacky actress wore in that juvenile show? Hmmmmmm?????” OR “You know, Julia Roberts is infamous for those over the knee boots in Pretty Woman…Have you seen that movie? Were you inspired by it or something?”)

Now, I’m all for discussing fashion with others, but I have grown to realize that sometimes fellow women will say outright cruel things to each other when it comes to appearance, and that never ceases to shock me. Yes, I know I’m wearing thigh highs. Yes, I’m wearing hoops. Yes, I have seen Pretty Woman. No, that was not my inspiration, and I’ll politely ignore that backhanded compliment.

So why is it that celebrities can wear whatever they want, and no one says anything? Did the fashion community grant them immunity? Nope. I’m not an exclusive member of the fashion industry- HA I wish- but after keen observation for thirteen years simply watching Style.com (RIP), I know that at its core, fashion is truly a changing state of mind that gets interpreted by dreamers and artists and writers. None of them care about what others say of their outfits. They pull on stuff that is still clean and goes together and makes them feel comfortable with themselves. As their inspiration changes so will what they reach for from their closets. When I put on my thigh highs today, I simply thought, “I’m wearing black pants. I need black shoes today.Boots it is.”

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen in the trap of being mean to other girls who are simply trying to find their style too. A few weeks ago, I was at a play, and a girl wearing a tight body-con dress walked by me. Almost instinctively, I went to point her out to my sister so we could dissect her outfit to bits and pretty much tear her up from a distance. The moment I finished talking, I felt like a jealous stepsister from Cinderella.

And there is my point. I was jealous. We are all capable of being jealous of our peers, most likely because we want to be in their place. Now that I have stripped down my thought process, I see that was the problem. Now that I’ve figured out what I’m doing wrong, I can change that. But I wish other girls could stop doing the same.

Okay, end rant.

Thanks for reading! I just had a lot to say today.

P.S. I happen to like Pretty Woman, by the way. But I was inspired by Cher actually *huffs and struts away*




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