Easter Introspection.

HAPPY EASTER!!! Regardless of religion, I know you appreciate candy and pastel colors. I like the hunting for eggs, not so much the candy, and pastel clothing makes me look like I have jaundice.

****Segues into what I wanted to say****

We’re back to the blog! I have so much to say- well, had. I accidentally deleted everything ten seconds ago and I’m fuming and don’t feel like typing it again.

Today I went to brunch with my sister and her boyfriend and his family…so basically the in-laws. We went to Baba Yega, and I mention this only because its a great opportunity for me to praise it for having vegan items. Even now, hours later, I’m still stuffed with fruit. Shoutout to Houston and its lack of vegan restaurants. *Insert eye roll*

Since I have homework left and I didn’t feel like doing it during this long weekend, enjoy some wonderfully lively pictures of me dreading the drive back to my college where I left my homework neatly piled on my desk waiting for me to finish it tonight.


Top// H&M                                                                Bralette// Designed by Me 😀

D’orsay//Nine West                                               Bag// UO

Pants//H&M or Zara?? The tag is gone            Bracelets//MyIntent,  Etsy (flashtat)


Considering my life decisions (leaving my homework behind on Thursday), and also staring down a lizard who is not pictured, for obvious reasons. 

I’d like to celebrate the fact that I can center part my hair once again, on account of my serious affinity for seventies pop culture/style/life/ Jane Birkin/Jane Birkin/Jane Birkin.

One last thing-

Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into sewing, since my first career goal in life was to become a fashion designer- dreams die hard, guys- and I freestyle-designed a bralette and actually made it and actually WORE it today, hence that white lace strap you saw peeking out (oops! thought my hair covered it). I used to think I’d design ready-to-wear clothing, which in essence is fancier clothing than your everyday clothes, but not ballgown territory either. But I’m really toying with furthering this lingerie/couture design that I’m working on. Anyway, maybe I’ll talk about it another time. Maybe Spring is making me creative again?

****Segues back to Easter****

Happy Egg Hunting, Guys!! xoxo


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