Vegan Chia Breakfast Bowls 

It’s been a while, but to sum it up for you, it’s been  Rainy Muggy Humid  Grey  And if you are a fashion blogger, you know that means pictures are out of the question. So I’ve been waiting and watching forecasts but it’s not looking good. I felt the flow of creativity slow down a […]

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Spontaneous Photo-Ops ft. Mom

Walking around the University of Houston campus earlier yesterday and my Dad was cool enough to snap a photo of my outfit when I said that I liked what I was wearing out loud.  I ditched the cross body and denim jacket for my beloved tote bag.  Later the same day, my mom and I […]

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1 down, 3 to go

I decided to write down my thoughts every day of my last week of my freshman year of college, just so I could look at it now and laugh at what exams, anxiety, and lack of sleep did to my brain. Monday, May the second: I want sleep. I’m not hungry, but it would screw […]

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