What’s to Come


I took an obvious break from BraidsnBooks because I was not at home for a while. My family and I decided to go on a trip up to the concrete jungle that is NYC, and since I am still trying to download the photos from my camera, this is what I got for now…but you wait…it’s going to be a massive.photo.dump.

I got you covered from photos of the mundane, like the sidewalk (which was pretty important in my opinion- I mean its Marc Jacobs!!) To architecture, such as the beautiful Saint Laurent flagship on fifth avenue, to a shot of Piet Mondrian (shoutout to YSL again and his 1960’s reincarnation of Mondrian’s work).

Prepare yourselves for the largest photo dump this blog has yet to see. I may actually break it into segments to avoid it getting tedious, for both you and me.

In short, I’m back!

Just imagine me saying that like this: I’m baaaaaaaaaaccccck! *annoyingly wide smile*

Hope you all have peace, hugs, and stars today!



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