Growing Pains

This might end up being a small photo dump instead of an intellectually intriguing post, I’ll be honest. Part of that I attribute to the fact that I have been dealing with a terrifying cough (I should clarify that my coughs are terrifying for the people who unluckily find themselves nearby when I make said noises). Full disclosure–I sound like a frog who smokes a pack a day right now, so speaking is not what I want to be doing, much less socializing, or even walking.

So what exactly have I been doing? Easy. I have been girding my loins for the semester, which in my case involves sleeping for the last three days I have of break, as well as binge-watching Netflix to catch up on everything I missed in mainstream media.

taken from Giphy. 

So far I have seen romantic comedies, because after watching all my favorite period dramas, I realized that I had exhausted the internet’s supplies of Keira Knightley, Alicia Vikander, and Emma Thompson. Then I even went so far to see one of my favorite silly movies, Jamón Jamón. I have some recommendations that you did not ask for when clicking on this post, but I feel entitled to offer them anyway.

The List of Rom-Coms you didn’t know you needed:

*In order of best to worst*

 Shakespeare in Love  : I LOVE JOSEPH FIENNES FOREVER and hey, I took a good number of Shakespeare classes for fun and can still recite a lot of Midsummer Night’s Dream–particularly Helena’s lines– and both Romeo and Juliet’s monologues in Act 2, Scene 2. So this film feeds my Shakespearean heart. Go ahead and laugh, if you want. You jest at scars that never felt a wound.

When Harry Met Sally  : okay this is not on Netflix. Sorry. I found it online somewhere else. This is worth paying for however; the writing is fantastic.

Charade  : Hitchcock meets rom-com meets adorable 1960’s Paris. Audrey and Cary Grant. I dieeeeeee.

Amélie  : This film and I go back. I saw this at the beginning of trying to learn french and understood nothing, and now when I watch it, I at least get the gist of the scenes and do not rely on the subtitles. But also Mathieu Kassovitz was in his prime there as Nino and he was so cute. Also, it was quirky bohemian Paris…and what more can you ask for?

Ten Things I Hate About You  : Heath Ledger, and an interpretation of Taming of the Shrew. I mean… and the soccer practice proposal scene with the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song…yeah, I love it all.

13 Going on 30  : this is a childhood favorite I think I saw almost 13 times when I was 8 or 9. Also Mark Ruffalo. I’m so biased I probably can’t even say if the acting is good or not without getting defensive.

Midnight in Paris  : *Disclaimer* I hate myself for continuing to like this Woody Allen film. But Paris…and my French minor and general obsession with Francophone culture and the world capital of couture fashion…and the lost generation…Oh god I feel like a hypocrite for liking this film. But does it make it less bad if I say I did not know it was a Woody Allen film when I first saw it? I just follow Marion Cotillard anywhere.

Jamón Jamón : This film is entirely in Spanish, but is heavy with dated Spanish slang and thick accents that for me, as a Colombian spanish speaker, were occasionally hard to understand. But I like that about this film- it is very Spanish, and felt like something special I could watch alone and laugh at. If you do watch it, keep in mind that it is very gaudy, very loud in your face Latino style, and hilariously cheesy. But Penelope Cruz is beautiful and the plot is strangely satisfying.


Never Been Kissed  : Mainly because Molly Shannon and Drew Barrymore in the 90’s are so cute. However, I am always so thrown off by the fact that Jessica Alba was in the film–I don’t know why, since I am pretty indifferent to her.

Alright, don’t hate me Netflix, but your romantic comedies are chilling at the bottom of this list. I was so disappointed after seeing the hype on social media, and seeing how old am now compared to the kids raving about how the films were the best of the year– basically, there was a lot of high praise, so my expectations were accordingly raised. I won’t even dedicate that much time to them, I found them so underwhelming.

The Kissing Booth. Candy Jar. Set It Up.

Ugh. Okay I lied. I feel like I will at least sum up why I didn’t like them.

There was no real satisfactory ending to these, and with romantic comedies, you are kind of paying to see something satisfying and easy to watch. If I wanted something challenging, I would go watch a Christopher Nolan film or something like Ex Machina. So you can understand how I was frustrated when I saw two debate kids (Candy Jar)  randomly (yet very predictably) like each other, yet not really become anything at the end. And then they get into fantastic schools but you don’t see them studying. And then they live in this idyllic town I don’t think exists, which is also annoying.

Then the other two are literally about setting two people on dates (Set It Up) , which makes it annoying to have to focus on two protagonists who do not come into the forefront for the majority of the film, and an abusive relationship (Kissing Booth) that teenagers are idealizing on social media. Meh.

In other news, I hung out with my friend Roya before I left to come back to school, and we went by our old friend’s neighborhood park. We played for a little bit before I realized I was getting heatstroke and we had to leave.

We ended up taking a few photos, and then I narrowed it down to one, since in the others I noticed that my expression looked like I was dying of heatstroke, and like the blogger I am, I wanted to hide the fact that I was melting like the wicked witch of the west.

Wow look at me being so autumnal in 99 degree weather. To be fair, I am that yellowish. I actually have to filter my photos to be colder colored to cancel out my olive- yellow skin tones. 

outfit details are a little strange to offer now, since I am sincerely pursuing the ethical fashion route nowadays, so a lot of my clothes are just old. Here goes anyway.

Shoes: Superga! For all my short friends, these add an inch at least physically, BUT they add like 10 inches in confidence. Oh my god that sounded like an innuendo.

Shorts: A&F from two years ago.

Shirt: American Apparel when it was still made in the USA. It’s all old stuff, I told you!

Sunglasses: Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin! They are from headstock 70’s greatness and I wear them all the time. The only downside to these is that I cannot actually stare and creep on people without them knowing that I am staring at them. But at least I can live out my dreams of being Cher when I wear them.


To recap:

It feels weird yet strangely appropriate that I am about to enter my last year of college. I have been here in this transitional phase for this long, and I have been introduced to auto-immune diseases and health issues which have not actually been as bad as I believe people think they are, but they had led to me having to think about a lot of stuff earlier than I think other people my age will.  I see how spending a lot of time around my parents has truly aged me in terms of my humor and my interests, and even the types of conversations I lead. I mean, I am hardwired to either speak about literature or transparent fashion practices and supply chains. And now, the fact that I am looking back and reflecting on the movies that I saw in high school and college have become an interesting way to see what mindset I was in when I crawled into bed and stayed in on weekends to analyze these.

Yet none of this is making my nasty cough go away.

Alright! I will go drink a lot of hot drinks and try to get all this bubonic plague out of my system, and in the meantime, I will dream up ways to make ethical fashion the main point of this blog again.



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