What’s to Come


I took an obvious break from BraidsnBooks because I was not at home for a while. My family and I decided to go on a trip up to the concrete jungle that is NYC, and since I am still trying to download the photos from my camera, this is what I got for now…but you wait…it’s going to be a massive.photo.dump.

I got you covered from photos of the mundane, like the sidewalk (which was pretty important in my opinion- I mean its Marc Jacobs!!) To architecture, such as the beautiful Saint Laurent flagship on fifth avenue, to a shot of Piet Mondrian (shoutout to YSL again and his 1960’s reincarnation of Mondrian’s work).

Prepare yourselves for the largest photo dump this blog has yet to see. I may actually break it into segments to avoid it getting tedious, for both you and me.

In short, I’m back!

Just imagine me saying that like this: I’m baaaaaaaaaaccccck! *annoyingly wide smile*

Hope you all have peace, hugs, and stars today!



Diary of a Vegan: Month One

Today, I complete one month as a vegan.
I wanted to talk about this journey- not to sound preachy or force this idea upon anyone, but also as a way to keep track of the little things I have accomplished for now. I also know many people who don’t actually know as much as they think about this lifestyle, and while there are quite a few vegan food bloggers/vloggers I can name off the top of my head right now, the majority of the people I personally know are still a bit in the dark. To give an example, I know a few people who think vegans are radical vegetarians who fight for the rights of animals…which I guess could be plausible, but is still off the mark.

How I define the vegan lifestyle: When a person decides to cut meat and dairy out of their diet, and any food that contains an animal byproduct.

One thing I learned quickly was that food companies tend to sneak animal products into food that normally shouldn’t have. This is mostly in canned or boxed goods, so I don’t plan on continuing that anytime soon. For example, I was going to eat some falafel that my mom made last night, and then my sister decided to tell me that the box clearly listed gelatin as one of the ingredients. Sigh.

Here is where I would like to amend the title of this blog post. I have been a vegan about 99% of the time, which is why I’m calling this my vegan diary. Because the truth is, this is a process, and a trip to Vegantopia. And I’m still miles away. But, I have taken major steps by completely cutting out dairy and meat.

So far, I have felt healthier, and lighter- compared to when I used to eat meat, and I would feel heavy and drowsy. And as for energy, I feel full of energy all the time. What’s nice is that I feel great so far, and that’s a great way to start!

Thanks for reading!

For Good.

When I left my blog this time, it wasn’t because I didn’t care about it, or that I didn’t want to write anything, because I did. What freaked me out was that I just didn’t have anything to say. I used to be very shy- school projects that involved my vocal participation led me to veer on the edge of trepidation and inner chaos, but writing never scared me, because I could always say what I wanted to say when I felt like it if it was written down and unspoken. And when I realized I could write things down and that that altered how people saw me or the fact that they judged me exponentially less than they did normally, the words would flow like water. So it only made sense for me to stare into the heavens like a forsaken beached whale when I realized that my waterfall of words was gone.

I would like to blame it on the AP exams I took recently. I would love to blame it on lack of sleep and malnourishment (that’s a major stretch, though, since I eat when I’m frustrated). It could easily be all those things. Unfortunately though, I think it came to me questioning my motives about this blog. I even made YouTube videos (you already know that, though) that I abandoned because I doubted that I had things to say worth listening to. While I didn’t feel very bad or guilty about that endeavor, I was amazed at the effect not writing had on me. And I think that matured me in the sense that I’m not as afraid as I was before to write what I think here and live with the fact that I won’t be a famous New York Times Bestselling author or the next Tavi Gevinson or Anna Wintour, or face the realization that I will probably wait a long time before I get to write for a kind and dedicated blog follower.

So, what happens now?

Well, I’m going to be back here writing, and yes- I did change the blog name. No, that doesn’t mean that I am any less fascinated by the French language, or any less pretentious about speaking a few words. It stands for me being the second child. It is something that I will let define me on a surface level, and something that I bring up more than you’d think- well, when I’m with my siblings, of course, and in jest. I figured that if I titled this blog something that was closer to my heart and something that represents me much better than a phrase I liked, than I would feel more comfortable writing more often.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” 

-Sylvia Plath

Thanks, Sylvia.

Starting today, I will be back to posting, and I’ll try to open this page up whenever I get those writing moods, which are happening more now that I’ve gotten my summer ‘flow’, haha. And be prepared for posts about everything, be it style, food, travel, or me just ranting about things, or even just talking about my neighbor’s new dog that sits in my backyard. 
If I haven’t lost you yet, hooray! You get a cookie. And a high five. And this jar that is filled to the brim with air. 
Thanks for reading!! 

Welcome to a New Journey.

           Hi there. I’m Sarah. I just started this blog this morning, so I could

1. Share my love for fashion, literature, and other cultures
2. Try to practice my French skills
3. Show off my awesome photography and glorious writing skills
4. Stun you all with my stunning sarcasm and stunning self  ( I cringe as I type this)

          No but seriously, thanks for stopping by. I am a senior in high-school who is dying to do a million things at once, and in a frenzied moment of little thought made a YouTube channel.

Let me tell you, YouTube quickly takes over your life. As a student who also foolishly took too many advanced classes to handle, YouTube was not my best idea. Sooo I took to Blogger because I feel that I express myself way better in writing than I do onscreen. Also, while vlogging seems awesome, I feel that writing my thoughts out keeps me sane, and can be done anywhere.

In conclusion, I hope you guys stick around- I would love to make some friends on Blogger- and make yourselves at home.

                       merci, et à bientôt