Capsule Wardrobes : An Experiment



Since I have been gone a while,  I’ll let you all in on what I’ve been doing. Besides eating and breathing, I’ve been really thinking about what I mentioned in one of my last post- the true cost behind fashion, and the darker side of fashion that comes with trying to be ‘on trend’ all the time. It has led me to realize that I do have my own sense of style, and that I should instead focus on learning what I actually like to wear and then buy sustainable versions of those items as I give away what I really don’t need or wear. Basically, I need to pare down my wardrobe (which is funny, since I cleared out a bunch of clothing at the beginning of the summer), and learn to not always smack my forehead on the windows of shops the moment I step in any shopping mall. I’ve actually started reciting the mantra “I don’t need it” over and over à la Rebecca Bloomwood (you’re welcome). When I’m near shoes I actually repeat it so much I might as well be humming continuously.

In all seriousness, it was only hard for the first two days. Then the withdrawal – I’m assuming that is what it was- period was over and I moved on. The only hard part is seeing other people buy random stuff they honestly don’t need. I’ve had friends who would go out of their way and buy things simply because they could, but they clearly weren’t very interested in wearing/using the item.

I guess I see that now since I realized that I was the same a few months ago. What a difference a new mentality makes!

Anyway, I have been trying to wear items in my closet multiple ways to prove to myself that they still deserve a spot in my wardrobe rotation. I like the idealistic bloggers who have capsule wardrobes, but I think I might need a while before I get there. For now, figuring out what I actually wear on a regular basis is great!

So the first item on the chopping block was this red scarf I bought a year ago online. My reasons for buying it were questionable; the scarf was red, and I wanted to wear more warm colors. Upon receiving the scarf, I opened the box and was irritated with how obnoxiously red it was. I convinced myself that it wasn’t such an eyesore and wore it out twice. Fast forward to this year and I had worn it twice. Now that I am threatening myself with throwing it out of my closet, I grabbed my basics and figured it out, putting together a seemingly basic outfit. Surprisingly, the black on black packed an awesome punch and the red looked great!

Looks like the scarf won’t be leaving this time around. But I will try to wear it again before I make my final decision(This sounds like a pathetic reality show on TLC where shopaholics/clothing hoarders say bye to their clothes ( except I have half of my original amount of clothes HA) minus the crying).

Tune in next week to see if my red scarf survives The Chopping Block


Put a Beanie on, Wear Black, and Suck it Up.

If I were to pinpoint my usual style, it would be something along the lines of “Pared down classic peppered with European touches,” or “Serena Van der Woodsen’s long lost sibling from Montmatre” or something equally pretentious. Or maybe even “Feminist/vegan who avoids wearing bras at all costs”…
Anyway, I like to think that my ideal outfits consist of hats, jackets that I layer with a bunch of stuff, and tight pants, and cool shoes that are comfortable but don’t look like it. The hat is NEVER a beanie, though. I normally fear and avoid beanies like the plague. I’ve just seen too many fails at wearing beanies, and I didn’t want to parade around thinking I looked like Cara Delevingne when I actually looked like a sock puppet.
Today, my hair just wasn’t feeling it. It wouldn’t let me tame it in a ponytail, and my attempts at cramming it into a bun failed miserably. Now, I have a weakness for berets, so I rummaged around for mine, annnd failed as well. And then I saw this gray beanie that I hadn’t touched in almost two years. I was in a rush to leave the house, so this would have to do. I consoled myself in the car mentally, repeating the same thing over and over until it became a mantra: No one I know will see me like this No one I know will see me like this- I don’t look like a sock puppet, I don’t look like a sock puppet…
All jokes aside, I honestly hesitated before pulling the hat over my head, and it made me sad to think that I was letting fear let me from even putting the hat on before. I had never before gotten a good look at myself in a beanie, or even keeping one on for a long enough time to make sure I even put it on correctly.
I was so excited, I asked my sister to take a picture of me.
Lately I’ve been losing all interest in wearing color. Its just easier to wear dark colors- I don’t have the mind to consider what matches and what doesn’t!
Outfit Details:
Beanie: Gap/Moto: AE/Top:Kohls/Leggings:VS Pink/Booties: Aldo
That blogger pose where you crouch and try to look cool even though you’re crouching for no real reason.


When you want to be a skinny blogger but you’re too hungry to make it through the pictures.

My mom took the last picture. Her justification was that people should see realistic images, like bloggers eating instead of posing unrealistically( ahem, notice my earlier crouching picture).

I’d also like to reassure everyone by saying those almonds are vegan, and no, I’m not sponsored.

‘Til next time!

C’est La Vie

I was at home this weekend, and I had a lot of homework to catch up on, so I wore a pretty basic outfit. You can tell I was doing homework by my bun/ponytail hybrid. Here’s to hoping these shorts can come out again before autumn starts! Up until now, I have avoided wearing anything remotely ‘cute’ while at college- I’m an incredibly messy eater, so I have labeled all of my white bottoms ‘off-limits’ until I feel like I will be able to control the weather, food, and drinks in a ten foot radius around me.

On another note, since this blog is primarily for me to remember certain things that happen to me that I feel

  1. are important
  2. were funny and will probably make me laugh forever
  3. are inspiring
  4. are surprising

…And so, I feel the need to share a story so you all can find some solace in someone else’s sad/funny sorry.

It was a hot and humid Thursday afternoon. There were, admittedly, some clouds in the sky, and the weather in the area had been for the most part rainy and stormy. Nevertheless, stubborn Sarah wanted to do some exercise that day. So off she went to eat lunch, and then to class. When she left her classroom, she noted the increase in clouds, so she ducked into another building, figuring that she would stay dry inside while the storm subsided. After almost an hour, she decided that the rain was much slower than she had expected, and so she supposed she would simply bike back to her apartment faster and get (at most) a few drops on her. Fast forward to halfway home. The clouds parted, and buckets of water decided to fall. Realizing that she was going to get wet no matter what, Sarah tried to bike faster. She saw one corner stood between her and the straight road that would lead her straight home. Upon turning the corner, the bike slid in a puddle. Attempting to brake, Sarah leaned slightly over onto her left side, and she felt her stomach drop. She was very well aware of what was about to happen. She stuck her leg out and bent it and squatted unevenly and dug her hip into the concrete. She was on her side, her bike jammed into her right shin, and her flip flop a few feet away, the stupid slippery thing. Angrily, Sarah got back on her bike, and started pedaling again, reminding herself that no one saw, she was fine. She was drenched now, and sore in a few places, but she was fine. Somewhere behind her, tires squeaked and there was the noise of water splashing about. Oh NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Sarah turned ever so slightly. Right behind her, in the same lane as her, the bus going back to her apartment stood, full to the brim with fellow students. Now furious and embarrassed and getting cold from the water in her clothes, Sarah pedaled harder- and within a matter of minutes, she was angrily locking her bike in its spot,and then squishing her way, step by step up the flight of stairs into her apartment, where she sat shivering for hours, her teeth chattering with anger over her unfortunate bike ride home, and her lack of sound decision making. 

If you guys ever have a bad or embarrassing moment, just know its okay, and that tomorrow will be better.   

That blogger pose where you crouch and look away because you’re self concious of your under-eye bags. 

“I wasn’t ready yet, I was trying to stretch.”
“Wait, I can’t see with the light in my eyes-“
If you cared to see what I was wearing without the shadows…

Top: Gap//Shorts: Lauren Conrad//Sandals: Ivanka Trump//Jewelry: bought in Colombia

Thanks for reading!! xx

Time to Hit the Books.

Week one of college: Done!
After what felt like a never-ending week, I subtly mentioned that I might be interested in coming home- actually, I asked my parents three days in a row over the phone to pick me up. It felt like the perfect reward for my efforts this week, which were the ideal test for my nerves. My initiation of fire included marathons of power walking to search for classes even though I had walked my schedule twice beforehand. Add in the struggle with finding shade in ninety plus degrees and blistered feet that are unaccustomed to walking so much, and there is my week in a brief recap.

It feels so good to be home. I didn’t realize how much I missed my mom’s food. Nick even agreed to snap a few pictures, and we decided the theme of them would be spontaneity, and me basically rejoicing that I was home and that I survived classes without slipping up on homework, or showing up late to class, etc.  

Literally hitting the books with all my assigned readings for one of my classes. 
Sunglasses make good makeshift headbands.
Fact: I skip everywhere when I’m at home. 

Top: I honestly don’t remember, but the tag says ‘Awake’
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Vans
Sunglasses: gift at college
Bracelets: gift from my friend Deborah!

Thanks for reading! And don’t worry, I’ll continue to post even while in college! You can’t take the fashion out of the girl 😉  xx

the Sun also Sets Quickly.

Days until I leave for college: 5 (!!!)

I returned to Kemah Boardwalk for the first time since 2010.  I was thirteen then, which added to the nostalgia and my growing awareness of just how old I really am. I realized that my parents don’t always remember to bring a camera along so we can look back on what we did, so I did! I’m not sure how I looked with both a cross-body bag and a camera bag crisscrossing over my outfit…oh well! 
At first it was all nice and light and full of late afternoon laziness…
When we got there, we had just been cooped up in a car for two and a half hours, so we walked around a bit to liven up our legs, and if you were me, you hobbled about to pop your knees. After a bit, we stopped trying to ignore the fact that we were all secretly starving even though we had eaten pretty recently. We popped into the Flying Dutchman (I promise its real, I’m not referencing Spongebob), and we stared at the sunset. It was so nice, that I didn’t even take pictures, preferring to just stare at it. And then stuff my face later with food. 
Everyone runs away the moment I pull out a camera…fine…I see how it is…

And the sun set between the time we sat down to eat and the time we decided to pull out the camera…

 And then my brother took over the camera and asked me to pose– just kidding, he wanted to take a picture of the ocean behind me, and I was in the frame, so he told me to smile anyway.

The picture minus mom equals me, probably not smiling. See? She was necessary.

 My mom didn’t want the pictures to miss out on her presence. It was totally understandable. 

I called him Kemah Kat. He does’t actually answer to it, though, surprisingly. 

 I SAW A CAT. We spotted three around all of the boardwalk, actually, but this was the closest the cat ever came to me. I tried to make it come closer by staring at it without blinking, but it sadly didn’t work, and my contacts got dry and burned, so that was clearly was not one of my stellar ideas.

Even typing this post I’m laughing at this picture, because that is my face when I’m not in resting bitch face. 

This is what I got in return from my brother after I asked at least thirty times for a picture that I quote “won’t make me look lazy, tired, gross, or anything else with a negative connotation.” (“I run a blog, you know, Nick. I have to look decent.”) I’m still trying to check off at least one of those requirements, but I got kick out of this picture anyways.

Why can’t this pole just not exist?! I like everything else about the picture!!!?!!!
Oh, my top is Stradivarius,my shorts are by Gap, my bag is from fossil, my flip-flops are from AE, and my earrings are Colombian. 

My brother and I got on the ferris wheel- my favorite because I like the views- and we got our own gondola, and my parents got the next one, so every seven seconds, they floated past and waved at us. By now, it was pretty late though, so we really just saw the distant scattered lights on the bay, a relaxing view regardless.

An imposing structure built to scare and torment me. 

Fun fact: I’m terrified of rides that try to scare you by using speed and height. But I was also feeling excited after going on another ride that’s not pictured here called the Aviator, and that one happens to go pretty high for me, so I made another nonsensical decision and promised my mom I would go on this ride picture above called the Pharaoh’s Fury. I don’t really feel obligated to tell you if I carried out that promise.

The gondola on the far right- my parents were in there! 
For the memories and nostalgia of being surrounded by hundreds of people I don’t know, and the funnel cake people would trail on the ground, and the soda left everywhere, and the constant smell of sweat, not sea salt, I’ll say I had fun. No, really though, I had fun. 
Just a friendly tip, though; don’t wear dangly earrings when its windy out. Don’t ask. 
Courtesy of yours truly. 
Thanks for reading!!!
P.S. I didn’t go on it. She thinks I’ll make it up to her “next time”. *laughs nervously*