Spontaneous Photo-Ops ft. Mom

Walking around the University of Houston campus earlier yesterday and my Dad was cool enough to snap a photo of my outfit when I said that I liked what I was wearing out loud. 

I ditched the cross body and denim jacket for my beloved tote bag. 

Later the same day, my mom and I were walking around the Town and Country area and she did the exact same thing. 
*My mom and I walking*

Mom: We should take a picture of us, we look good today!

Me: *smiles widely and eyes widen*

Me: OKAY!!!!

Still Me: *skips behind Mom like a troll whilst fist-pumping*

I realized that if my style were a pie chart, a solid 70% could be attributed to my mom’s style, and the other 30% is just a mishmash of music, pop culture, and literary influence. Behold Exhibit A- our tendency to pick one color and wear mainly that. My mom loves dark colors. She always wears earrings, and pointy toed shoes, and cropped tapered pants. I do the same, but I don’t blow dry and style my hair religiously like her (actually I don’t at all), and I’ll wear white, light blue, or the darkest colors possible. I found this realization incredibly interesting, from our dedication to earrings to our obsession with keeping our ankles exposed.

Now I just wish we had been this spontaneous on Mother’s Day, when this cameo and post would have been more relevant. 


Ps. Yes, the photo quality is crap. I forgot my camera, so my iPhone had to do- I wasn’t about to turn down a picture with my mom.


The Ideal Uniform.

Hi everyone! I actually wore this outfit yesterday, but I never got around to posting it, so here I am, blogging when I should be studying…
The sun was still out a few seconds before I got into the car, so I dragged Nick over to take a picture. When I say I dragged him, I mean I got him to hold onto the camera strap and I dragged him along, reminding him of all the I-O-Us that he has promised me in the past two weeks. 
Also, the weather is changing!!! It was actually cold- is it meteorologically correct to say cold? Or can I argue that cold is relative to everyone and that to me it was chilly…
Note to self: I need to stop using ellipses, I’m not making myself sound mysterious and alluring, I sound like I fear commitment with finite sentences. 

I digress. It was cold (to me!), so I finally busted out my denim jacket again. 
*Concentrates on flies near face* And what is up with my legs.
What’s so great about jumpsuits is the fact that you can just pop it on and not have to care about matching a top with pants. Also, you wouldn’t know this unless you had been there, but this jumpsuit was what I wore to my graduation a few months ago. That’s also why I got this jumpsuit; if one of the many joys of fall fashion is layering, why not challenge myself to remix my summer and personal style staples (aka jumpsuits/rompers)?

The best way to appear taller in outfits: tilt the camera back, something I keep forgetting to ask my brother to do.

Jacket: Gap
Jumpsuit: AE
Sandals: Aldo
Bag: Fossil
I wasn’t actually planning on wearing wedges, but I forgot to bring more shoes home, so I found these in my closet and figured it matched. I’m actually really pleased with how this look came out! I look most like myself.  If there were ever a piece of clothing that could represent me, it would be a jumpsuit. Maybe the seventies music I listen to just translated to jumpsuits-?
Thanks for reading! 
P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow on this test! *cringes*

One Last Time!!

More like “One Last Adventure.” More like “One Last Hurrah and Stuff.” More like “One Last Attempt to Finish the Ultimate-Never-Ending-Bucket-List.”

Annnyway, today, I have a guest to introduce! My best friend (actually, my oldest friend) Jordan joined me today on a quest. The objective: to go to the Montrose area in Houston. The goal? To actually get to know a popular, hipster-y area of our city. Plus, I figured it would up my hipster status a little bit. And as a an anxious college student in need of reassurance of her youth and ability to act immaturely, this was genius. So, in classic immature behavior, we set out today in search of food, coffee, small shops, independent stores, art, culture, vintage items, antiques, and photo opportunities. Besides, she’s leaving soon (insert sobbing emoji + sad girl emoji), so it was only more motivating to take pictures of super cliche best friend poses, which, in our case today, came out hilarious, and I decided to keep a few unpublished so I can laugh at them later. So here goes- and I hope I inspire you all to travel your cities and immerse yourselves in them.

Shout-out to Jord for reading this. I call her ‘Jord’ (sometimes).
Jordan’s Outfit:
Top: Agaci, Shorts: AE, Sandals: Target, Bag: Fossil, Accessories: gifts
Smiling at my jewels and laughing at the world…there was NO way I could get my scarf to look normal.

My outfit:
Top: H&M, Shorts: Gap, Sandals: Ivanka Trump, Bag: Fossil, Sunglasses: Target, Scarf: some indie shop

We found a cute vintage store with a matching mural…
And a few antique shops that were too dark for decent pictures but were very colorful and intriguing at the same time…

There were so many pretty mirrors to look at! Some of them were from as early as the fifties!

And an awesome photo that really screamed 1960’s feminism…yeah, that’s my head at the bottom right corner
And this mini statue that as extremely intricate given its petite size…

The last antique store we walked by…

A baby toy set in a glass case…
We found an even more colorful mural, which obviously meant more photos…

This counts as a smile I think…
We walked around a bit more until we found the Menil Collection- a free art gallery in Houston full of surrealist/modern/classic/ancient art…

And here are some trees that were a really intense green color near the Menil Collection…

The view from above…aka my two week old pedicure…

We never figured out if this coin had a symbolic or artistic meaning, or if that was the number of trees planted before this one…

GUYS GUYS GUYS- we found a swing in front of the Menil Collection…

We took turns, of course…

We found a spiritual chapel next door and figured, “why not?”

And we left five minutes later…
And we ended the day with some Starbucks, and good laughs. So it was basically like every episode of Cheers, except since we’re not 21, we had Starbucks instead. So it was more like “Cheers: Basic Edition.” 
All in all, it was awesome. And bittersweet at the same time. Thanks Jordan for hanging out today!!!! 
Love ya!- 
Your best friend
P.S. Who knew we were so stylish? I think we gained major hipster cred today. 
P.S.S. Bonus points to those who sang the title like Ariana Grande. You found the deeper meaning of the title and my reasons for using it. 


I am so sorry that my posting was irregular for the past week! I took an unexpected hiatus when my dad decided to go on a trip and take the camera with him, which leads me to remember my growing Christmas list.

On the record, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving with food and fun and family and food. I cannot help but feel exhausted now, I am dying to have vacation now.

Anyway, my outfit today was pretty basic, as usual. I wore my pointy flats that are my life (even though they hurt sometimes) from Gap, some old skinny jeans, and my Rice University shirt that I’m wearing more and more as college time comes closer for me.

Have a great Tuesday!

Annnd one picture my brother took before I was prepped- my hair looks like this from the back?

Got That Teen Angst.


                     The sun was in my eyes. I promise I’m not mean- I smiled in the second picture! 
Here are some shots my brother (my personal photographer, he’s so nice to me:) graciously snapped of me today. 
“I’m thinking that I’m going to keep staring off into the distance. Do I seem chic yet?”

Maybe if I wear my jacket like a cape I’ll seem more stylish.

I felt like wearing my signature color, blue. It might seem very hipster-y of me to say this ( I am aware of my hipster tendencies), but I wear head to toe blue a lot. Today, my school asked us to wear blue to show school spirit, and most of my friends wore school shirts. My interpretation of school spirit? Wearing the school colors (blue and white) instead. I slapped on my trusty H&M slim-fit trousers, my oxfords that remind me of my menswear style roots, and my prized Gap jacket, probably the only jacket that has ever fit me so well. 
Hope no one is suffering some terrifying bouts of candy hangover. OHH. Fun fact, while I was trying to get my hair normal for these pictures, there was a loud creaking noise near a bush behind my brother. When we went to search for the cause of the noise, we were both shocked to see that nothing was there. Walking back to where we were before, we heard the noise again, but it seemed more human-like this time, an unsettling wail that made my brother and I run back inside after only five pictures and without looking at them. There. That is probably the only actually creepy thing that has ever happened to me. Quite fitting that it happened on Halloween. 
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Time to start counting down to Thanksgiving break!!