Glorious Hair for Lazy People

I have been considering chopping my hair for the longest time now, and the more times I see the trailer for Love, Rosie the more I want to cut my hair into a short, blunt bob like Lily *cough- glorious-cough* Collins. It reminds me of Marion Cotillard and French sixties mod style. Plus ( the most important reason in my opinion), I am  a lazy person.

These are the pictures burning a hole in my phone and computer screen day after day…
let us all witness the glory that is Lily Collins, Marion Cotillard, Clemence Poesy, and  Karla Deras,the ultimate messy/cute bob queens.

I am obsessed with Karla’s natural texture. 

Not sure who this girl is, but her hair is so blunt and perfect in every way.

All pictures from Vogue, Elle,Tumblr, and the depths of my computer files.

Bottom line- if I can let my hair air dry and not have to worry about it tangling too terribly, then it is the haircut for me. Now, serious question: do round faces look okay with short hair?