I don’t have much to say today, so instead of doing my usual long ramble on something about ethical fashion (which is always important), I thought I would post photos that make me long for more winter (the best season) or at least a chilly spring, and feature some quotes made me do a double take.


“O my enemy.   
Do I terrify?——
Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair   
And I eat men like air.”
–excerpt from Ariel, by Sylvia Plath


are man-made
they only divide us physically
don’t let them make us
turn on each other
-we are not enemies”
-Rupi Kaur, the Sun and Her Flowers
“of all the kinds of hair there are,
curls are best for dancing
my hair felt loved
and free and full
like a thousand twirling dresses” 
-Taiye Selasi, Dove’s poetry book for curly haired women (ahem)


“Creo que las mujeres sostienen el mundo en vilo, para que no se desbarate mientras los hombres
tratan de empujar la historia. Al final, uno se pregunta cuál de las dos cosas será la menos sensata.”      
-Gabriel García Márquez


And here are some photos for the aesthetic, and to mourn the end of the cold season in Texas that I love so much and miss dreadfully and maybe if I stretch out this sentence long enough I can continue grasping the shred of chilly breezes that occasionally still rustle my hair….and I ran out of words to use so the sentence ends here.

Prepare for my modern interpretation of the seventies and my newfound comfort zone with les beiges et les nudes.

Also the sunset made the photos look really weird and hazy…I love it.






Outfit details:

jacket/vintage(seventies)  // jeans/ae (old)  //  turtleneck/gap (old)  // shoes/clarks originals(really old)  //  sunglasses/vintage (seventies)

I hope the quotes I offered can be of some use, even if they made you uncomfortable or feel things. Please feel things. I think I see that a lot–people who do not allow themselves to feel things. I am beginning to live a little more off this blog trying to be the person who feels everything without the need to record and document things that are not conducive to free and open thinking and auto-reflection. Anyway, I hope my quotes made you uncomfortable so you can exercise your mind in either deciding that your values are 100% perfect (which is a great thing to feel), or maybe asking yourself if you want to change something (also totally fine).

I think I have been playing with the idea of being uncomfortable, be it with literature I choose to read, or films I watch that make me research new topics, or even start a conversation on a topic I normally avoided. It really activates a part of my brain that leads to further creativity for me. So maybe it might do something for you.

*realizes I said earlier I wasn’t going to ramble*

That’s all today. Thanks for reading!




C’est La Vie

I was at home this weekend, and I had a lot of homework to catch up on, so I wore a pretty basic outfit. You can tell I was doing homework by my bun/ponytail hybrid. Here’s to hoping these shorts can come out again before autumn starts! Up until now, I have avoided wearing anything remotely ‘cute’ while at college- I’m an incredibly messy eater, so I have labeled all of my white bottoms ‘off-limits’ until I feel like I will be able to control the weather, food, and drinks in a ten foot radius around me.

On another note, since this blog is primarily for me to remember certain things that happen to me that I feel

  1. are important
  2. were funny and will probably make me laugh forever
  3. are inspiring
  4. are surprising

…And so, I feel the need to share a story so you all can find some solace in someone else’s sad/funny sorry.

It was a hot and humid Thursday afternoon. There were, admittedly, some clouds in the sky, and the weather in the area had been for the most part rainy and stormy. Nevertheless, stubborn Sarah wanted to do some exercise that day. So off she went to eat lunch, and then to class. When she left her classroom, she noted the increase in clouds, so she ducked into another building, figuring that she would stay dry inside while the storm subsided. After almost an hour, she decided that the rain was much slower than she had expected, and so she supposed she would simply bike back to her apartment faster and get (at most) a few drops on her. Fast forward to halfway home. The clouds parted, and buckets of water decided to fall. Realizing that she was going to get wet no matter what, Sarah tried to bike faster. She saw one corner stood between her and the straight road that would lead her straight home. Upon turning the corner, the bike slid in a puddle. Attempting to brake, Sarah leaned slightly over onto her left side, and she felt her stomach drop. She was very well aware of what was about to happen. She stuck her leg out and bent it and squatted unevenly and dug her hip into the concrete. She was on her side, her bike jammed into her right shin, and her flip flop a few feet away, the stupid slippery thing. Angrily, Sarah got back on her bike, and started pedaling again, reminding herself that no one saw, she was fine. She was drenched now, and sore in a few places, but she was fine. Somewhere behind her, tires squeaked and there was the noise of water splashing about. Oh NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Sarah turned ever so slightly. Right behind her, in the same lane as her, the bus going back to her apartment stood, full to the brim with fellow students. Now furious and embarrassed and getting cold from the water in her clothes, Sarah pedaled harder- and within a matter of minutes, she was angrily locking her bike in its spot,and then squishing her way, step by step up the flight of stairs into her apartment, where she sat shivering for hours, her teeth chattering with anger over her unfortunate bike ride home, and her lack of sound decision making. 

If you guys ever have a bad or embarrassing moment, just know its okay, and that tomorrow will be better.   

That blogger pose where you crouch and look away because you’re self concious of your under-eye bags. 

“I wasn’t ready yet, I was trying to stretch.”
“Wait, I can’t see with the light in my eyes-“
If you cared to see what I was wearing without the shadows…

Top: Gap//Shorts: Lauren Conrad//Sandals: Ivanka Trump//Jewelry: bought in Colombia

Thanks for reading!! xx

My Sunday Sendoff feat. Ruggles Green

On Sunday, my sister invited my family to eat lunch and walk around a bit and mainly enjoy each other’s company. The point was to have family time and send me off with a vegan meal. Obviously I was estatic all of a sudden when they told me I could choose a vegan friendly restaurant, so I almost immediately responded with Ruggles Green in City Centre, even though I was silently hoping someone would ask to go to an Indian restaurant, because I have wanted to go try Indian food for a very long time.

All pictures on my post today were taken with an iPhone six, so don’t be alarmed by the drastic change in the quality of the pictures! 
Carry On! 🙂

I got the veggie wrap and a side quinoa salad, both vegan! And I grabbed some pickles that were prepared in-house. 

I think now would be a good time to also mention that I am a huge fan of food-porn, also known as a pre-food ritual of being grateful for the food — actually, I just really like taking pictures of food. There’s no legitimate way of justifying it, just that I like looking at food. So just expect more food posts in the future!

After somehow destroying the wrap ( I hate being such a messy eater) and being joyful and staring at my vegan feast in awe, we all ended up walking around City Centre and staring at macarons- I need to find a place that makes vegan macarons…does that even exist?– and not getting them because I couldn’t find vegan versions. In the end, we packed up and moved our sunday party to Starbucks, and I decided to take pictures because I honestly don’t have casual candid pictures of my whole family, and I figured this was a great time to record in pictures.

Aww, look at the kids. Behold the closest people I have to me, genetically speaking. 

My mom is so classy that she refuses to cover her coffee with the plastic covers and prefers to drink her beverages as if they were tea-cups. 

And Dad loves the covers. 

Behold!  My sister MP drinking what appears to be snow. (Vanilla bean frap FYI)

I had a Mango Black tea lemonade…I’m really predictable. 

Behold! My brother/photographer, contemplating the simple things in life, like his mocha frappuccino. 

He requested a selfie. And it looks like my straw is up my nose. 

The family who drinks Starbucks together stays together.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy Tuesday!

One Final Glimpse

This week felt eternal for me. Luckily, my parents have begun their holiday shopping, and I get to tag along. On one side, I got to hold the ALEXANDER WANG X HM COLLECTION in my hands…lsjdf

Oops, I flailed around like a crazed fangirl and accidentally smacked the keyboard.

I also began my holiday baking heist, where I bake anything and everything pumpkin-y/cinnamon-y/fattening/starchy/carb loaded. Pumpkin bread came and went, and so did some sweet potato pancakes. Now school is becoming more tedious than before, probably because I am six weeks closer to graduating-sigh.

I have some snaps of cornbread I made:)

Have a great weekend! And here’s to another week of waiting for Thanksgiving break!