Downtown Austin | Collab with Harley Eldridge


Hi everyone! I told you I’d be back.

Yesterday morning I shot in downtown Austin, and here are the shots. I figured I would say something beforehand, but the photos really speak for themselves. I wanted a clean, urban shoot that I could pair with my sometimes-too-serious-for-class outfits, and this was the best opportunity to be polished and pretentious with my huge sunglasses. But ethics ethics ethics are the way to do style, so I can walk you through that.

The trench coat — Express, but old, and I plan on wearing it FOREVER because it makes me feel like a major boss lady. I wore it open and felt the cold air hit that one strip of stomach/chest/neck that was left exposed to the elements. Do I regret leaving it open? Not at all. Did it for the gram. Fashion is pain.***

The turtleneck — Join Life by Zara, the attempt at an ethical line that I supported in the hope that Zara sees that people care about sustainable clothing that has safe dyes and is kinder to the planet. It is a lot thinner than it looks, which I love for layering, but do not recommend if you live in a colder place.

The PANTS (clearly my favorite part) — H&M and super duper old. Vegan leather (of course) and high waisted. Very snazzy if you ask me.  I need to get them altered, but I also strangely like the extreme wrinkle action around my ankles.

The flats — Nannette Lepore flats with little bows on the back that make me feel like Carine Roitfeld, or chez Dior circa Raf Simons.

Backpack — boutique somewhere in NYC area. Sorry that was vague. I forgot and it has no tags. BUT it is vegan leather also.

Clearly my soul is dead since I am sporting a head to toe heart of darkness black look, but I enjoy that. And now for the pictures that were all taken by the fantastic photographer Harley Eldridge (so all photo credits go to him)!!! We talked over our vision and met up and made it happen in less than two hours. Here is what you came for, with some light hearted commentary by moi.


My hand was freezing and I actually could not move my fingers that much. That chic pensive expression is actually me feeling really disturbed about my corpse hand.


When someone asks me a dumb question and I put on glasses to hide my expression.                 AND in case you saw them, let’s dedicate a moment to these vintage 1970s sunglasses — my new child. They make me feel like Cher. Why would’t I want to look like a chic bug-eyed human?


Still totally into the wrinkles around my ankles. I love it love it love it. Also note the perfect isosceles triangles that are my feet.


Laughing at my own jokes because I can be hilarious sometimes. But is it a fake laugh, or not? We may never know.


La Penseuse si elle avait été une femme // The Thinker if she had been a woman.



And that concludes my captions, since these photos are too good for me to continue interrupting them.



Total profile picture status. Okay I’m done *zips lips shut*



This was an amazing post to prepare for, and it really has challenged me to want next level photography all the time. Hopefully the blog continues on this roller coaster that only goes up.

If you are in the Austin area and want next level, editorial style photos, you can find Harley here, and here.

À la prochaine!



The Ideal Uniform.

Hi everyone! I actually wore this outfit yesterday, but I never got around to posting it, so here I am, blogging when I should be studying…
The sun was still out a few seconds before I got into the car, so I dragged Nick over to take a picture. When I say I dragged him, I mean I got him to hold onto the camera strap and I dragged him along, reminding him of all the I-O-Us that he has promised me in the past two weeks. 
Also, the weather is changing!!! It was actually cold- is it meteorologically correct to say cold? Or can I argue that cold is relative to everyone and that to me it was chilly…
Note to self: I need to stop using ellipses, I’m not making myself sound mysterious and alluring, I sound like I fear commitment with finite sentences. 

I digress. It was cold (to me!), so I finally busted out my denim jacket again. 
*Concentrates on flies near face* And what is up with my legs.
What’s so great about jumpsuits is the fact that you can just pop it on and not have to care about matching a top with pants. Also, you wouldn’t know this unless you had been there, but this jumpsuit was what I wore to my graduation a few months ago. That’s also why I got this jumpsuit; if one of the many joys of fall fashion is layering, why not challenge myself to remix my summer and personal style staples (aka jumpsuits/rompers)?

The best way to appear taller in outfits: tilt the camera back, something I keep forgetting to ask my brother to do.

Jacket: Gap
Jumpsuit: AE
Sandals: Aldo
Bag: Fossil
I wasn’t actually planning on wearing wedges, but I forgot to bring more shoes home, so I found these in my closet and figured it matched. I’m actually really pleased with how this look came out! I look most like myself.  If there were ever a piece of clothing that could represent me, it would be a jumpsuit. Maybe the seventies music I listen to just translated to jumpsuits-?
Thanks for reading! 
P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow on this test! *cringes*

Time to Hit the Books.

Week one of college: Done!
After what felt like a never-ending week, I subtly mentioned that I might be interested in coming home- actually, I asked my parents three days in a row over the phone to pick me up. It felt like the perfect reward for my efforts this week, which were the ideal test for my nerves. My initiation of fire included marathons of power walking to search for classes even though I had walked my schedule twice beforehand. Add in the struggle with finding shade in ninety plus degrees and blistered feet that are unaccustomed to walking so much, and there is my week in a brief recap.

It feels so good to be home. I didn’t realize how much I missed my mom’s food. Nick even agreed to snap a few pictures, and we decided the theme of them would be spontaneity, and me basically rejoicing that I was home and that I survived classes without slipping up on homework, or showing up late to class, etc.  

Literally hitting the books with all my assigned readings for one of my classes. 
Sunglasses make good makeshift headbands.
Fact: I skip everywhere when I’m at home. 

Top: I honestly don’t remember, but the tag says ‘Awake’
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Vans
Sunglasses: gift at college
Bracelets: gift from my friend Deborah!

Thanks for reading! And don’t worry, I’ll continue to post even while in college! You can’t take the fashion out of the girl 😉  xx

One Last Time!!

More like “One Last Adventure.” More like “One Last Hurrah and Stuff.” More like “One Last Attempt to Finish the Ultimate-Never-Ending-Bucket-List.”

Annnyway, today, I have a guest to introduce! My best friend (actually, my oldest friend) Jordan joined me today on a quest. The objective: to go to the Montrose area in Houston. The goal? To actually get to know a popular, hipster-y area of our city. Plus, I figured it would up my hipster status a little bit. And as a an anxious college student in need of reassurance of her youth and ability to act immaturely, this was genius. So, in classic immature behavior, we set out today in search of food, coffee, small shops, independent stores, art, culture, vintage items, antiques, and photo opportunities. Besides, she’s leaving soon (insert sobbing emoji + sad girl emoji), so it was only more motivating to take pictures of super cliche best friend poses, which, in our case today, came out hilarious, and I decided to keep a few unpublished so I can laugh at them later. So here goes- and I hope I inspire you all to travel your cities and immerse yourselves in them.

Shout-out to Jord for reading this. I call her ‘Jord’ (sometimes).
Jordan’s Outfit:
Top: Agaci, Shorts: AE, Sandals: Target, Bag: Fossil, Accessories: gifts
Smiling at my jewels and laughing at the world…there was NO way I could get my scarf to look normal.

My outfit:
Top: H&M, Shorts: Gap, Sandals: Ivanka Trump, Bag: Fossil, Sunglasses: Target, Scarf: some indie shop

We found a cute vintage store with a matching mural…
And a few antique shops that were too dark for decent pictures but were very colorful and intriguing at the same time…

There were so many pretty mirrors to look at! Some of them were from as early as the fifties!

And an awesome photo that really screamed 1960’s feminism…yeah, that’s my head at the bottom right corner
And this mini statue that as extremely intricate given its petite size…

The last antique store we walked by…

A baby toy set in a glass case…
We found an even more colorful mural, which obviously meant more photos…

This counts as a smile I think…
We walked around a bit more until we found the Menil Collection- a free art gallery in Houston full of surrealist/modern/classic/ancient art…

And here are some trees that were a really intense green color near the Menil Collection…

The view from above…aka my two week old pedicure…

We never figured out if this coin had a symbolic or artistic meaning, or if that was the number of trees planted before this one…

GUYS GUYS GUYS- we found a swing in front of the Menil Collection…

We took turns, of course…

We found a spiritual chapel next door and figured, “why not?”

And we left five minutes later…
And we ended the day with some Starbucks, and good laughs. So it was basically like every episode of Cheers, except since we’re not 21, we had Starbucks instead. So it was more like “Cheers: Basic Edition.” 
All in all, it was awesome. And bittersweet at the same time. Thanks Jordan for hanging out today!!!! 
Love ya!- 
Your best friend
P.S. Who knew we were so stylish? I think we gained major hipster cred today. 
P.S.S. Bonus points to those who sang the title like Ariana Grande. You found the deeper meaning of the title and my reasons for using it. 

too lazy to come up with a decent title

Hi everyone! Today, I wore the best ventilated top I have ever been lucky enough to come by.

My heat stroke face. I can’t smile when I’m melting, unlike Olaf. Hey, look how flexible I’m becoming!:)

I found this tank by running into it. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. And then these leggings- proof that I really am becoming a lazy bum. Even my hair is lazy! Everything about this outfit screams lazy! Lazy hair (air-dried, which I have to force myself not to blow-dry and straighten, so maybe my hair will be healthy again), lazy leggings, lazy tank with strategically placed vents and massive armholes and practical hook closures so I can customize how windswept I look…laziness. I’m even working the lazy beauty look, also known as no makeup, also known as everyday of my life.

See? Still not smiling. 

But the laziness has a justifiable cause. It’s summer, and it is burning outside. The thermometer outside says 102° but I don’t believe it for a second. Fall…where are you? 

My brother wanted me to post this picture, so I could prove that I smile sometimes. 

Top/ Bralette: Aeropostale (I know, I forgot that place existed too!)
Leggings: AE
Sandals: Ivanka Trump
Accessories: Colombian boutiques

Thanks for reading!

         Desperately Seeking Autumn