24 Hours. | Updates

I am wearing a beret, sipping tea, and four pages away from holidays at home. Someone get the sage burner, I need to let this all sink in.

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The Nose Conspiracy | Storytime

In an effort to create space on my phone, I decided to go through my photos and make some necessary cuts to my collection. Now, I’m a firm believer that phones say a lot about their owners; being overly observant and nosy has its perks (for once). Whether the owner has a really old case […]

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Where Were You? | Storytime

Hi guys! Here is a short story that I wrote randomly, while spinning around in my chair at my desk, and staring into the ceiling, and listening to random indie music that I don’t recognize. I would really, really, really appreciate any feedback. This was really hard to publish, especially because I like to see […]

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Coming Soon…

Hi guys! I’m going to introduce a new segment on the blog, which I would like to call “Storytime”. It is very straightforward; I believe some context is required here. Let’s go a long way back, when I was in elementary school. My best friend Jordan and I were talking, and though the conversation itself […]

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