Uniform, Variation 1.

So this is something I have thought of for weeks, so it is nothing new, and came to me after reading Man Repeller and seeing Leandra acknowledge that her uniform consists of denim hot pants, bare legs, and utility coats, and some great white t-shirt. And that got me to thinking – do I have […]

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Hello Summer.

Hello everyone! It feels so odd to be saying that right now, as I scroll through my old posts and wonder where the time has gone. I feel as if I owe everyone an explanation for my absence here. So while I know that you all are perfectly justified in being angry with me, here […]

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“2017!” and Other Things

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I spent a quaint evening with my family,  mostly frolicking with sparklers, dancing about in some fabulously over the top tights (I hate the word pantyhose, fun fact – once its said, nothing else can be said to make up for it), and hogging all of the brussels sprouts. And here is my outfit, […]

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#30daysofthanks Day 3 

  Day Three! Told you I’d be consistent. I am going to be honest. I’m listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album right now. Today did not make it easy to find something to be grateful for (especially when your leggings are soaked and stuck to you and require surgical removal, or coaxing with paper towels). […]

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